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But how?

Glad you asked. Sign up, tell us your preferences, allergies and goals, Foodin will filter out plans and recipes perfect for you.

Choose what you would like to cook.

We will deliver groceries you need.

Enjoy cooking with our assistant.

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Order Groceries by Recipes

Instead of searching for groceries at the store or online, select what you want to eat. Foodin will take care that no grociers go to waste.

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Perfect nutrition

We take care of all the planning and leave the joy of cooking to you. Whether you are trying to lose, gain or just keep fit, tell us and you won't have to worry about your diet ever again.

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Track your groceries

Foodin allows you to track all your groceries coming in, or leaving your kitchen. If there are any leftovers, don't worry, we will suggest ways to use them.

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Foodin community

Sharing food has never been more real. Having aspirations to be a food blogger or a fitness coach. Join us and discover what are your friends and followers love to cook.

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Why do we do this?

With our technology we hope to increase the quality of food in your home, you install the application, we take care of the rest.

Besides improving the lives of our customers, we want to bring the farm closer to the city. Thats why we are reinvesting most of our profit into research & development on how to bring local groceries to your kitchen.

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Bite the future

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